Honk And I'll Kill You: Train Horn Attached To Bicycle

May 8, 2012


This is The Hornster, an $8,000 bicycle with a 178-decibel Airchime KH3A train horn attached powered by a SCUBA tank. For reference, 140db can cause permanent hearing damage, and the average shotgun blast is around 170db. Not cool. You honk at me with this thing and 1. I'll evacuate my bowels and 2. come whip your ass and make you trade pants with me. I take my hearing very seriously. Smell? Not so much. *snorting firecrackers* Mmmm, I love the smell of black powder in the morning. But seriously, you know what's cooler than a bike with a train horn? A bike with bull horns. I SAID MOVE IT OR GET GORED.

Hit the jump for a video of some a-hole riding around town blasting the thing.

Thanks to Yannick and Paulo, who have those little squeaky horns on their bikes because they're oldschool. Man, I used to have one of those that looked like Buddha and you had to squeeze his belly but somebody stole it. Can you believe that? THEY STOLE MY HORN.

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