Homemade Transformer Transforms From Car To Robot

May 8, 2012


Note: Photo shows both the before and after transformation because I Photoshopped them together while I was on the john.

This is Kenji Ishida's homemade Transformer. It uses 22 servo motors to transform from a sports car to a standing humanoid robot and back again. You know what the most amazing part is though? That somebody who builds a homemade Transformer that takes 22 servos to transform CAN'T UPLOAD A VIDEO IN HIGHER DEFINITION THAN 360p. That's like being able to clone dinosaurs but not raise Sea Monkeys.

Hit the jump for the metamorphosis in (low-quality) action.

Thanks to Green Giant and alex, who don't make homemade Transformers because they don't want me kicking their doors down and setting their workshops on fire.

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