Heartwarming: Marvel Creates Superhero To Encourage Hearing-Impaired Boy To Wear His Hearing Aid

May 24, 2012


Four year-old Anthony Smith suffers from hearing loss and has to wear a blue hearing aid (Blue?! MAKE IT FLESH TONE). The only problem is he doesn't like wearing his hearing aid because none of the superheroes in comics do. Enter Anthony's concerned mother, stage left. No -- the OTHER stage left. "That's stage right." Theater's so confusing, I bet that's why movies are way more popular.

Desperate for help, Anthony's mother Christina D'Allesandro wrote to Marvel, hoping to discover a superhero that proved him wrong - and that's where the man with the bow, arrows and penchant for purple clothing comes in (Maya Lopez a.k.a. Echo is another hearing-impaired character in Marvel's stable of heroes, although unlike Hawkeye, she is completely deaf and wouldn't benefit from a hearing aid).

Marvel was even nice enough to create some original artwork of Anthony and Hawkeye, and, TA-DA, now Anthony doesn't mind wearing his hearing aid. Good lookin', Marvel, but where were you when, I dunno, I HAD TO WEAR HEADGEAR TO MIDDLE SCHOOL FOR A YEAR? Where was Headgear Boy, huh? You wanna know where Heargear Boy was? I'll tell you -- crying himself to sleep every night ON HIS BACK even though he HATES SLEEPING ON HIS BACK but had to because if he didn't his smile would end up crooked. *sobbing* Somebody hold me.

Hit the jump for another picture Marvel made.


Thanks to Cliff, bandorz and Katie, who heard a mother with a son with a clubfoot wrote DC Comics and DC wrote back telling her to just stop buying their comics. Harsh!

  • Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

  • Great information you have shared with us.I am looking for something like this.Keep it update in future too.

  • Hannah

    I have been douche commenting on this blog for years about this but my stance still stands. ITS DEAF OR HARD OF HEARING. NOT HEARING IMPAIRED.

  • AuDBallAlexander

    Here, here!!

  • AuDBallAlexander

    I am an Audiologist, and I would kill for parents to WANT to have fun colors for the hearing aids and earmolds. Screw you, person who writes this blog...

  • AuDBallAlexander

    Seriously, though...the flesh tone thing was ignorant and I find it offensive

  • Juan Ruiz

    What's next. Blue Tooth?

  • Kickin' Back in East Texas

    funny. ;-)

  • Broden

    Mia is pretty.

    She also really hates her job.

    Oh yeah and cool story etc. I would have been stoked on this if I were a kid.

  • DavidMTaylor

    By the way... you get kid's hearing aid molds done in bright blue (or orange) so that you can see that they are in and find them when they are lost... or at least that's what we did.

  • Guest

    "he doesn't like wearing his hearing aid because none of the superheroes in comics do"

    What a little brat. You could apply that to anything. What kind of a random-ass criteria is that to put on whether or not something is worth doing?

    "I've never seen a superhero get kidney surgery, so why should I?"

    The crap that mother must go through on a daily basis.

  • DavidMTaylor

    Really? Attack the little boy with the hearing aids? #Troll

    He's a little kid, and if you had a clue, you would understand that he's just self-conscious about it, he's not rationalizing his decision based on the attributes of comic books... the crap that your mother must have gone through... wow.

  • Mia

    Actually it'd be better for the child not to wear his hearing aid. His mother should have introduced him to the Deaf community. That way he could meet children who are deaf or hearing impaired too. Hearing children will make fun of you for not being able to hear or wearing a hearing device. Meanwhile deaf children just don't care that you can't hear and will gladly be your friend.

  • AuDBallAlexander

    Kids make fun of kids...doesn't matter whether or not you have a disability. I work with kids with disabilities...do you know how many Cerebral Palsy crutch-fights I break up?!?

  • DavidMTaylor

    Not all Deaf/HoH people reject hearing aids, and I don't see where it says that she's isolated him from the Deaf Community at all... did I miss something in the article?


  • WearsHearingAids

    The hearing aid should be on his left ear since his name is "The Blue Ear." Hearing aids have colors that denote which ear they belong to. Blue for left and red for right. A little fun fact. =P

  • Anodos

    Obviously, hes a Metahuman.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I'm sorry GW, but I believe you meant "Theatre's confusing."

    That's how that word is spelled...

  • Blueminded

    Poor GW. :(

  • is it just me, or do other people think that these drawings look really bad, compared to what you normally see in current Marvel comics?

  • I was just thinking that same thing... >.>

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