Happy Star Wars Day: Lightsaber Laser Attachements

May 4, 2012


Consider this my requisite Happy Star Wars Day post. So...yeah -- May the fourth be with you. The tenth? The tenth is Camper's Day. ZING! I wanna die so hard right now. Wicked Lasers is now selling $100 lightsaber-y attachments for its line of Spyder 3 lasers (sold separately). Let's all get one and then beat each other in the heads like a bunch of f***ing spazzes!

Are you ready to wield the world's first and only LaserSaber - a radiant blade that pulses with energy. LaserSabers are energized by the light of Wicked Lasers, harnessing the power of the force. The LaserSaber features an ultra smooth magnetic gravity system that can "power up" and "power down" the blade.

* Do not participate in any form of fencing or swordplay. Fencing or swordplay will cause serious damage to people, pets or property.

What the -- no fending or swordplay?! That leaves ZERO REASONS to buy one. "I dunno, I could still swing it around alone in my bedroom with the lights off." F*** yeah you could -- you are like the textbook definition of a Jedi party animal! *AGHHHHHHRRAAAU!* Yuu shut the f*** up, Chewie -- you're not even a Jedi!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a video that clearly shows a lightsaber battle despite that not being their intended use.



Thanks to Don, Happy Star Wars Day GW!, sebu and Christian, who grew up hitting each other with broomsticks and making their own lightsaber noises BECAUSE THAT'S ALL WE HAD IN THE 80's.

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