Guy Gives Himself Magnet Implants To Attach iPod To Arm

May 11, 2012


Note: Video is kinda graphic depending on how you feel about a dude poking bloody holes in himself.

This is a video of Dave Hurban, who, tired of having to attach his iPod nano to his wrist with a strap, decided to implant some magnets in his arm to do the job for him. Personally, I would have just superglued it, but that's me and I'm the voice of reason. No, no I'm not, but I do hear voices inside my head. "GW -- this is Kratos, God of War. Can you hear me?" Loud and clear, my lord. "I want you to buy a powerful earth magnet and challenge Dave to a fight." Haha, I'm already on eBay.

Hit the jump for a video of the process and finished product. I already warned you once though and I'm not doing it again.

Thanks to Bade and Steven, who at least give the guy credit for having the balls to perform the implants himself. No kidding, one time a friend bet me I wouldn't put a staple in my hand and i passed out as soon as he suggested it.

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