Guy Gives Himself Magnet Implants To Attach iPod To Arm

May 11, 2012


Note: Video is kinda graphic depending on how you feel about a dude poking bloody holes in himself.

This is a video of Dave Hurban, who, tired of having to attach his iPod nano to his wrist with a strap, decided to implant some magnets in his arm to do the job for him. Personally, I would have just superglued it, but that's me and I'm the voice of reason. No, no I'm not, but I do hear voices inside my head. "GW -- this is Kratos, God of War. Can you hear me?" Loud and clear, my lord. "I want you to buy a powerful earth magnet and challenge Dave to a fight." Haha, I'm already on eBay.

Hit the jump for a video of the process and finished product. I already warned you once though and I'm not doing it again.

Thanks to Bade and Steven, who at least give the guy credit for having the balls to perform the implants himself. No kidding, one time a friend bet me I wouldn't put a staple in my hand and i passed out as soon as he suggested it.

  • disqus_8YC8Cz3HRw

    You guys are stupid. They are microdermal implants with magnetic heads. The anchor, or the part that is implanted is made of implant grade surgical steel. The magnet part is a head that screws onto the anchor. If he has to go for an MRI he can just screw the magnets off. The surgical steel that is implanted in his arm isn't magnetic. Nothing magnetic is actually under the skin. Blood clots my a**.

    Also they are super easy to remove with minimal scarring.

  • Rasmus T

    Where can i buy Where can I buy some of thoes magnets? :-)

  • AZollo

    lulz... wait till he walks near an MRI machine.

  • For anyone wondering and who doesn't have common sense - this guy is stupid.

  • C of the 501


  • CaptCapcom

    Hate to tell this guy that Frys Electronics sells wristbands for that Ipod so you can wear it was a watch...  

  • Wouldn't  the magnets fuck with the electrics in the iPod anyway?

  • those tats are amazing!

  •  *He likes to watch Mario get eaten by the Piranha Plant

  • I know this guy. He's left handed and he refers to his wang in the third person as Mario. 

  • Mark Cormack

    Fuck. That.

  • iDumbass.

  • Roman Peters

    But... the iPod nano is made out of aluminum, magnets don't attract aluminum.

  • Ethan Letourneau

    thats why he was lining the magnets up with the screws in the back

  • 1) He is  gonna be f*cked next month when Apple will announce the next gen iPod.
    2) Because straps are too mainstream.
    3) It sucks being stupid. Not realizing it... it's even worse.

  • whacko

    Judging by this guys tattoos he makes all kinds of bad decisions...

  • Samuel Gallamore

    Neat idea, retarded to actually do it.

  • 5 years from now: tattoo artist who implanted magnets in forearm dies from massive stroke due to blood clots.  Doctors speculate that the neodymium magnets caused hemoglobin to slowly coagulate into non-mobile lumps near the magnets...... until one day, a chunk of crusty blood broke off into his arteries and killed his dumb ass

  • Matty Spinny

    thats fucking awesome. wonder if he scored himself some anesthesia cause that shit hurts!

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Dudes (and girls) like this guy make me chuckle. Yeah, they might think they look badass now - all inked up, pierced all over, ears stretched - but how stupid are they going to feel when they're 40. Or 50.

    *Hey, grandpa, why do you look so fucking retarded?!*

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