Grow A Little Backbone: Kid Runs From Animatronic Dino

May 8, 2012


This is a video of Zack, whose parents decided to take him for a walk along the Christmas trail of WTF, where there's an animatronic t-rex waving a holiday wreath around in its puny arms. Little Zack stops for a minute to take it all in, then decides 'NO THANK YOU' and takes off in the opposite direction. Me? I would have jumped on the back of that thing and ridden it straight through my school, stopping only in the cafeteria for a heaping serving of corn dogs and chocolate milk. "Sounds like you've really given this some thought." Please, I have given this ALL my thoughts.

Hit the jump for the I would have at least tried to get it to fetch a stick.

Thanks to Tyrannosaurus Rick and TanyaN., who agree if you ever come across a dinosaur in the woods the best thing is to remain motionless. Then hit it with a rock and yell, COME AT ME, YOU SEXY BITCH, YOU!

  • jetblac

    The kid was fine, until his dumb ass parents scared the hell out of him

  • Iwonder if they ever got him back...

  • Not sure which is the better parenting ... scaring your kid with the dinosaur, or letting him run so far ahead of you that you can't see him anymore ... epic parenting.

    Yeah, I know, the whole thing's fake ... blahblahblah...

  • Davey Richards

    lucky for the kid, the T-Rex didn't spit acid out of his mouth.....

    if only...

  • KingCam

    I love how the dad encourages the kid to run away and then almost whispers "come back" after his kids and wife have run off XD  Epic.

  • Zack is brilliant. 

    Just because everyone else is staring slack jawed  at the "big fancy animal thingy" and pointing doesn't mean it isn't appropriate to run like hell.  All you "throw rocks and ride it" people are the ones that die at the beginning of every alien/monster/horror flick.

    And don't give me this crap about *nerd voice * "The correct response is to stand motionless.." because you don't know that.  You hypothesize that with other nerds while Zack and common sense are back at the gun store loading up to kill that damn thing.

    GO ZACK!

  • Dinosaur Rex

    Nice MILF

  • meetingrichdotcom

    Come on boy be brave hit him with a rock ... I am a devil too....

  • Guest

    If I was a kid, I would probably run towards the fake dino. It would of been sweet.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I know a boy, his name is Zack
    He loves to run, he won't look back...
    He's Zack the running maniac

    The Allosaurus made him bawl,
    His mom is super-hot, y'all
    I'd like to see her on the pole
    For that I'd even sell my soul.

    Zack, Zack he's a running maniac...

  • Sh17C0que

     The mom IS quite the milf.  /sigh

  • Sebastien Michael Mansfield

    Word velocilraptor. 

  • ThatGuy64

    "Is it a T-Rex?" No, woman, it's clearly a raptor. Get back to the kitchen!

  • FruityOatyBars

    Poor parenting:  everyone knows the Tyrannosaur only responds to movement.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Yeah... but the mom think it's a T-Rex so I'm going to say it's more of a problem with the parents' lack of basic dinosaur recognition and identification skills than it is in their teaching the facts of how to survive in the presence of certain dinosaurs.

    Not that running would be an acceptable survival plan... but it's better than just standing there, I guess.

  • PinkTacos

    Animatronic robot or not, it's still a dinosaur and I would've mounted that mother fucker and rode it until my balls were chaffed from the inside out. And GW, I would've thought about you the entire time.

    God damn that's a lot of cum! Hopefully my Tide To-Go Pen will remove those stains...

  • "I would have jumped on the back of that thing and ridden it straight
    through my school, stopping only in the cafeteria for a heaping serving
    of corn dogs and chocolate milk."

    You do realize this is a ROBOT dinosaur GW, don't you?

    Admit it: this was you 20 years ago!

  • raditzzzz

    needs more feathers.

  • charles dahlkoetter

    It's an Allosaurus at the Heard Museum in McKinney Texas made by my company, Billings Productions. 

  • rumor has it he is still running to this day,

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