Grow A Little Backbone: Kid Runs From Animatronic Dino

May 8, 2012


This is a video of Zack, whose parents decided to take him for a walk along the Christmas trail of WTF, where there's an animatronic t-rex waving a holiday wreath around in its puny arms. Little Zack stops for a minute to take it all in, then decides 'NO THANK YOU' and takes off in the opposite direction. Me? I would have jumped on the back of that thing and ridden it straight through my school, stopping only in the cafeteria for a heaping serving of corn dogs and chocolate milk. "Sounds like you've really given this some thought." Please, I have given this ALL my thoughts.

Hit the jump for the I would have at least tried to get it to fetch a stick.

Thanks to Tyrannosaurus Rick and TanyaN., who agree if you ever come across a dinosaur in the woods the best thing is to remain motionless. Then hit it with a rock and yell, COME AT ME, YOU SEXY BITCH, YOU!

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