Girl In Music Video Builds Mech Armor To Combat Bullies

May 2, 2012


This is a music video for a track from Cut Copy called 'Take Me Over'. Now I'm not sure if Cut Copy is a popular band or not, because I live under a rock. IN THE BACK OF A BEAR CAVE. Next to an animal carcass. Anyway, in the music video a little girl who's getting bullied builds a sweet set of cardboard mech armor and then goes after the girls that were bullying her. The lesson? Don't bully. And if any of you younger readers out there ARE bullies, heed my advice: when you grow up you will be a loser. "That wasn't advice, dummy." FINE -- IT WAS A FORTUNE THEN, YOU LITTLE SHIT!

Hit the jump for the music video.

Thanks to Ryan P, who once caught a bully giving a kid a wedgie and yelled real loud, "hey everybody -- this pervert is trying to steal this kid's underwear so he can go home and smell it!" And that was the end of that.

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