Finally, Because Standing Sucks: The Horizontal Shower

May 17, 2012


This is the Horizontal Shower from luxury bathroomer Dornbracht. You just lay on the stone pedestal like you're about to be sacrificed for a plentiful harvest, then let the six water jets soak your body, flooding your ass with cleanliness and washing away any rogue buttcrumbs like paper boats in a stream. Holy shit I should start writing product descriptions.

The shower comes with a controller they call the eTool, which lets you direct the flow from the various jets, and choose between various programmed patterns kind of like a massage bath. You can also use the eTool to regulate the water temperature and intensity.

Or you could, you know, lay down in a regular shower like I do. Sure it's not as glamorous and way more soap-scummy, but so what? IT'S CHEAP. Plus if you plug the drain with a toe and let the bath fill up your penis will float. Medical fact!

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures and a video which, for a second, I thought was gonna be a softcore porno (and might have been!).




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