Fan-Designed Mass Effect Character Hoodies Are Coming

May 30, 2012


Note: These aren't all the designs, click HERE to see the whole set.

This is a series of Mass Effect character hoodies from DeviantARTist lupodirosso. Lupodirosso designed them all, then sent an email to Bioware telling them they should produce them, which the company has agreed to on a batch test basis. YES! Who are you gonna get? Because I'm gonna get Thane, Garrus and Wrex. Did I tell you I wound up getting intimate with Liara this go around? Because I did that. Had to give ol' Tali'Zorah the cold shoulder even though we were romantical in the last game. She was hurt, but what can you do? SPOILER: Catch her making out with Garrus in the Main Battery. WTF BRO?! That's my ex-girlfriend, homey. Actually, you know what? Go, be together -- see if I care. She has those weird little lobster hands anyways.

Thanks to beebs, who's more than a little disappointed there's no EDI one because of those ridiculous cans she had.

  • Koppa

    Grunt Leigon Tali and Garrus

  • astroKnight

    Where's the Elusive Man hoodie? Where's the Vent Kid hoodie?

  • da1nonlysage

    Release date? Availability? Fraggin PRICE? WTF GW?

  • da1nonlysage

    Kasumi, Wrex, Mordin, and Thane...

  • da1nonlysage

    Kasumi's if it doesn't ship with her feminine curves printed on it. That would make it awkward for me, a dude, to wear.

  • RareAwesomeman

    if i wasnt so pissed at mass effect right now (just finished ME3) i would say these are pretty cool and well designed

  • PulseOne

    Holy craparoni, they're all so beautiful! I'll take a Tali and a Kasumi, too!

  • I'd so buy Tali and Kasumi, Their natural hooded look seems to fit the design perfectly :D

  • MeggyMonster

    *Puts on Grunt hoodie and charges around her house shouting* I am KROGAN!

  • SonicAlligator

    GASP! Totally getting Thane, Samara & Garrus. Kick ass!

  • rubric_kolinahr

    double post ftl

  • rubric_kolinahr

    I need me some Garrus and I need it now.

  • Liam

    No Miranda?!

  • Rayn_A

    Tali'Zorah - I NEED to own it!!

  • Kal Reeger, Zaeed. YUP

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