Now I Want A Robe: Dr. Who Call Box/TARDIS Bath Robe

May 24, 2012


This is a $70 Dr. Who TARDIS themed bath robe that's shipping in July. Can't wait that long? Make one yourself. Too expensive? Make one yourself. Want a sandwich? Make me one too (and cut the crust off). Want to get into some freaky-deaky role playing with your lover? Tell them to open the call box and step inside. Get it? Because you'll be naked in there (if you did it right. If you did it wrong you'll probably be wearing corduroys and a sweater vest). Unfortunately, unlike a real TARDIS, your Sonic Screwdriver (read: dong) isn't gonna appear any bigger on the inside. It'll still be the same ol' floppy sadness as always, and your ladyfriend will realize she doesn't really want to play the The Doctor that bad after all. And where does that leave you? "Sad and alone?" Exaaaaaactly. Now come over and play Jurassic Park with me!

Thanks to becca, who's convinced me to give robes a second chance. Fine, but if this one catches fire like the last one...

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