Destruction!: Sixty 1,000-Piece Domino Walls Collapsing

May 15, 2012


Man, if there's one thing I love it's destruction. Sometimes I build a whole bunch of those crappy little birdhouse kits just so I can smash them to pieces with a hammer. It's a sickness -- one I have zero interest in curing. This is a time-lapse video of Youtuber Flippycat building sixty 990-piece (I lied in the title!) domino walls over the span of 65-hours, then knocking them all down. I noticed in the video Flippy uses a big plexiglass wall to protect the other towers from crumbling while he's working on the most recent one. That's probably smart. It's also probably cheating. I demand a do-over!

Hit the jump for the rainbow of destruction.

Thanks to liz, who agrees 65 hours of work for a 10-second payoff is a great metaphor for life.

  • HackTheGibson

    Those aren't dominos. 

  • Justice Law

    HA, I spent more than twice that amount of time on my Fallout 3 save.  Time = Definitely not wasted!

  • Really pretty, but someone clearly needs to get a new hobby.

  • RareAwesomeman

    if only the last one or two didnt fall, completely ruining what was still a giant waste of time

  • Hate to say it, but ... um.... that's it!?

  • Davo555

    Wow, I feel sorry for that 65 hours that just got wasted.

  • HackTheGibson

     That was only 65 hours of success. Wait till you add in all the times they fell when setting up.

  • Guest

    Great work, I would of loved to jump on that structure. Like how a kid jumps onto a pile of leaves.

  • Aaron Robinson

    I feel bad for those who used headphones

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