DC Comics: 'Established Character Coming Out Of Closet'

May 21, 2012


DC Comics announced during a panel discussion at this weekend's Kapow Comic Convention in London that an established character will openly embrace their gaiety and become "one of our most prominent gay characters." Now I haven't been keeping tabs on how many gay characters there are in the DC Universe, but I imagine it won't be too hard to be "one of the most prominent" when there's like three. Aaaaaaand now begins the wild speculation as to who the character will be which I'll end right here: ROBIN. You know it, I know it, Batman knows it. And so does Green Lantern. BOOM -- two outings in one day! *cue rainbow confetti and ticker-tape parade*

Thanks to ron h. and ChaosLex, who x-ray envision a world where nobody has to live in the closet. Oh man, I had to crash in a friend's closet for eight months one time after a bad breakup -- no bueno.

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