Cupcakewurst: Grillable Cupcakes In Sausage Casings

May 18, 2012


Why it took so long for somebody to finally combine cupcakes and sausages is beyond me, but I suspect it has something to do with a lot of people calling themselves foodies but not really being foodies. People always like to lie about themselves to sound more interesting. Me? I'm the hardest-core kind of foodie. "The kind that invents new foods?" I was gonna say the kind that eats food off the floor with zero regard for the 5-second rule, but one time I DID eat a hotdog on a hamburger bun, so I guess yours works too. These are cupcakewursts: sausage casings filled with cupcake batter and grilled. The Cupcake Project has complete instructions if you want to make your own, which, let's not kid ourselves, you do. *poking gut* "Stop." *pokes again* "I SAID STOP." Not until you tehehe like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Hit the jump for several more shots, including some of the cupcakes on long john donut buns with raspberry jelly ketchup.





Thanks to bb, who agrees the best kind of cupcake is one that's so big there's no way you can take a bite without getting icing all over your face and then asking your lover to lick it off which quickly turns into KINKY SEX.

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