Crossing Swords: Tiniest Bathroom Packed With 8 Urinals

May 14, 2012


This is the men's public restroom in the Celestial Heights residential building in Hong Kong. They managed to (legally) pack eight urinals into a 2.5-square meter (~27-square foot) bathroom. Could you actually pee without seeing another man's dangle? Not a chance, not even if you're the only one in there. You know what I hate? The bathrooms with a giant mirror running the length of all the urinals. How are you supposed to NOT make eye contact with another man with his peen in his hand? Exactly -- close your eyes and pray to the goddess of aim. Oh heavenly Urethra, please guide my stream to the urinal and not my khakis.

Thanks to ShroomNZ, who only pees in empty restrooms with lockable doors. SAME.

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