Congratulations?: Scientists Create The World's Most Human-like Robotic Buttocks

May 11, 2012


The man in the video: he belongs in the slammer.

This is a video of some pervert demonstrating what the scientists at Tokyo University of Electro-Communications are billing the world's most accurate robotic buttocks. Technically they're, "humanoid buttocks that represents emotions with visual and tactual transformation of the muscles", which means they were designed to respond the same way our asses do (i.e. clench up when slapped, relax when massaged with a lubed Sharpie) Why? Your guess is as good as mine. "Sex dolls." That was my guess too. Now jam a stick of dynamite between those cheeks and let's end this thing!

Hit the jump for more robotic ass-slapping and massaging than I felt comfortable watching.

Thanks to ChaosLex and Tracy, who agree there's only one purpose for robotic butts: ass-kicking practice.

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