Congratulations?: Fan Beats Diablo 3 In 12 Hours, Others Now Doing It In 7

May 15, 2012


Because what fun is sitting back and enjoying a game, Korean gamer Yoshichan beat Diablo 3 in 12 hours and 29 minutes with "368 Lifetime Kills, 412 Elite Kills and 168,481 gold as a Barbarian on normal difficulty". Since then, at least two other groups of Korean and Chinese gamers have done it in 7. Wow, this is NOT how you get your money's worth. Just saying, I'm 52 hours into Skyrim and haven't even made it to Whiterun yet. Are there really even dragons in this game?

Thanks to Bruiser, who tried to tell me he beat it in six but when I asked for a screenshot he sent me a pic of a dude's wiener.

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