Coated Ketchup Bottle Provides Smooth, Quick Pour

May 23, 2012


Because squeeze bottles don't exist, PhD student Dave Smith invented a sprayable coating that can used to line ketchup bottles so they pour quicker and with zero clogging. Did you hear that, cheeseburger? I WILL DROWN YOU IN CONDIMENTS. No word how many types of cancer the stuff will give you, or how ketchup prices will be affected, but who cares -- I'm a spicy mustard guy!

It turns out Smith and a team of mechanical engineers and nano-technologists at MIT hit upon the solution called LiquiGlide. It's described as a "structured liquid" that can be sprayed on. It adheres as a solid, but provides a liquid-like lubrication that tackles that tenacious ketchup.

LiquiGlide -- that...sounds like sex lube. What's that other one called? "Astroglide." Man, if we went to trivia night at the bar and kinky sex was a category I would totally want you on my team. If we won a picture of beer though I get to drink it all. "You mean pitcher of beer?" I don't know what I mean anymore, I've been drinking since the moment I woke up. "Which was...?" Yesterday morning.

Hit the jump for a short video of a guy pouring ketchup on the floor.

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