Calico Spotted Lobster Considered 1-In-30-Million

May 11, 2012


In other seafood related news comes Calvin, a calico lobster caught off the coast of New England that marine biologists are calling a 1-in-30-million specimen rarity. The odds of lobster colors: apparently people have worked those out. Calvin was on the way to being steamed and dipped in melted butter when a chef spotted him and donated him to an aquarium.

A post at the aquarium's blog explains that lobsters come in many different colors, ranging from brown and orange to white.

"While white appears to be the most rare at an estimated 1 in 100 million, coming in second place with an approximate 1 in 30 million is the calico lobster," according to the aquarium's exhibit galleries blog.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "If I were that chef I would have at least torn a claw off and tried it first?" YES! What other pretentious @$$hole could say they've tried a 1-in-30-million calico lobster? You'll be the talk of the yacht club!

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who's really good at eating. Like, REALLY good (he's disgusting and it makes me sick).

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