Brutal!: The Nine Circles Of Hell Recreated In LEGO

May 16, 2012


What better way to celebrate the demonic released Diablo 3 than with these LEGO recreations of the nine circles of hell by sculptor Mihai Mihu? "I dunno, maybe chugging Redbull and vodkas and actually PLAYING the game while blasting heavy metal?" You know what? You're alright in my book. In another lifetime you and I might have even become friends, but in this lifetime I was born so ugly I can turn people to stone (well, cat turds) so my parents keep me locked away in the basement where my only friend is a loose brick. He says he's gonna bash my brains out. These are the nine circles of hell (limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery) from Dante's Inferno. From the looks of things, I do NOT want to go to hell. Or heaven for that matter. Basically I'm afraid of dying. "You do know all dinos went to heaven, right?" *fills bath, tapes toaster to chest* I'm coming, Lord!

Hit the jump for a shots of all nine, but be sure to check out Mihai's Flickr page for detailed shots of each.










Thanks to Classless, who has like zero manners and always ruins dinner parties.

  • These look great.

  • PurpleJim8

    Wheres Asmodeus?

  • tarotdona

    if they made a Dante's Inferno Lego video game like they did with Star Wars, and Indiana Jones....i think I'd have to do some apartment searching in the seventh ring 

  • Why is Lust censored? Boo!

  • $18922249

    Fraud... that is an abstract Lego diorama idea.

  • Treachery should show Lucifer perpetually chewing on Judas and Brutus.

    Anyway, it's outdated —they opened up a brand new circle just for trolls ;)

  • Chris Gillen

    I think Judas and Brutus are the statues next to the headless one. They are supposed to be in Lucifer's mouth, true, but at least they're in there.

  • It's nice to know they have coffee breaks in Hades ;)

  • Inappropirate

    My only criticism is that the guy with the funny face wasn't in all of the pictures you posted here where he is on the flickr website. It's like a where's waldo only more like "What the fuck has waldo gotten himself into this time?" Also lust should be uncensored.

  • James Cougler

    People and their Legos :) very cool

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