Bomb Disposal Robot Serves As Ring Bearer At Wedding

May 11, 2012


Newlyweds Alex and Laura Cressman used a Dragon Runner bomb-disposal robot as ringbearer in their wedding. Mechanical engineer Laura actually designed the arm for the robot while working for Qinetiq, and rumor has it that at the reception Johnny 5 and the thing snuck out and had sex in the woods. Oh man, you know what kind of robots I want at my wedding? ALL DEAD ONES. Instead of throwing rice when we leave the chapel I want to be showered in nuts and bolts. Then I want to leave on a white horse. ONE THAT CAN FLY. What are those called again? "Unicorns?" Come the f*** on -- unicorns aren't real! A pegasus.

Hit the jump for two more shots, including one of the robot trying to tear the best man's nuts off.



Thanks to Brittany, who wants a turtle to carry the rings down the aisle. LONGEST WEDDING EVER.

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