Berkeley Freshman Builds 'Most Automated Dorm Room'

May 2, 2012


You know, for being 'Romantic Mode' I feel like something's missing...

This is a video demonstration (NOT demon-station, which is where you catch the train TO HELL) of Youtube user dereklmy's automated dorm room at the University of California Berkeley. If you only watch the first two minutes of the video you might think the automation is limited to opening the blinds and turning lights on and off. But eventually it gets to various modes he's preset, including a romantic mode (complete with Elton John's 'Can you Feel the Love Tonight?') and an emergency party button that turns on the strobe and blacklights and starts blasting techno and shooting laserbeams. Man, I would party in there. No, no I wouldn't. But I would romantic mode in there. Even if my roommate was only pretending to be asleep.

Hit the jump for the video but skip around because five minutes is way too f***ing long for anything but the best compilation videos.

Thanks to Denise and Jeff, who have something even better than the most automated dorm room: completely un-automated any other kind of rooms.

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