Belgium Makes Teens Text And Drive During License Test

May 3, 2012


Seen here in the letter jacket he thought he was going to grow into, a teen texts behind the wheel. And now Belgium is requiring some teens taking their driving test to attempt to text in the process to prove just how dangerous it is. Pfft, it's not that dange-- holy shit how long have I been on the sidewalk?

Before the test, the examiner shows them an official looking letter, which says that a new government directive asks them to show that they can use a phone safely while driving. That sounds pretty unlikely given the push to ban all handheld devices in cars, but the kids buy into the official looking rule change.

While texting, I imagine it doesn't take long before the kids are running over orange cones and cutouts of children at play. Come on bro, I knew that wasn't a real kid. That said, I failed my driving test three times. I kept getting points deducted for not looking left before making a right turn because on the closed-course THERE WAS NO ROAD TO THE LEFT for a car to even be coming from. "Pretend like it's real-life" the test-giver told me. F***ing abstract driving test. I cried HARD when I failed the third time.

Hit the jump for a video demonstration of what the kids are put through.

Thanks to ricardo and Chelsea, who never text and drive because they still rock pagers. Aww yeah -- my code's 81 so you'll know it's me!

  • Glenn Vliegen

    Im from belgium and it is fake...

  • I don't even have to look at my phone when I text. I don't have a touch screen phone so I can just text and keep looking at the road at the same time. Never had any problems doing it before.

  • Some people just suck at multitasking. Especially when doing new tasks.
    This is fake and gay. Impossible my ass.

  • Gloomfrost

    This video shows nothing.
    1) No accounts on how well those students drive AS IS.
    2) No information on HOW they're supposed to be driving in the first place. It looks like a closed track, if he's telling them to race around it, especially if forced to constantly turn, then obviously it's impossible. In fact, it wouldn't be just texting, doing anything that requires a second hand would be difficult on a sharp, high-speed turn.
    3) They're all texting in the wrong way. When I text and drive (haven't EVER had anything CLOSE to a problem with it either), I hold up the phone above my steering wheel, so I can keep my eyes on the road at the same time. They're all looking down, that's why they're failing.

  • Guest

    It has the same possibility level as being able to breath and swallow at the same time naturally.

  • Marcus Pope

    Pretty obviously fake - having been to the Netherlands and watched people successfully text message while riding their bicycles with no hands through busy intersections and rush hour traffic - I highly doubt the next country over has this much of a problem with it. 

    And honestly, what kind of driving instructor forgets to put on his seat belt with a student driver - serves him right to be sent into the winshield.

  • Asperflux

    Long last the Robots!

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