Because I'm Ugly: New Face-Covering Star Wars Hoodies

May 24, 2012


Always wanted to look like a dildo from the future? Well you're in luck thanks to this soon-to-be-released $70 R2-D2 "full-face" hoodie from wholesaler Mad Engine (and sold at a retailer near you). Not the droid you're looking for? SHOOT ME IN THE FACE DO IT NOW DON'T BE A SISSY. No worries bro, they're also dropping Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Chewbacca designs. They all zip up over your face and have mesh you can see out of, making them perfect for robbing liquor stores. Plus yearbook photos! Did I ever tell in my senior picture I had my eyes closed? It was embarrassing. You know what all my friends nicknamed me? Friends, LOL. :(

Hit the jump for the other designs, including a faceless Chewie for some reason.





  • This is stupid... they do a bunch of characters that don't really fit the hoodie form factor but leave out the characters in the movie that are already just a dude in a hoodie..... Jawas... Where the F are the Jawa hoodies?!

  • That R2 one is, for some reason, quite creepy.

  • Carlos

    geek thieves rejoice!

  • Nanananananana

    Now make one of luke with yoda humping in the back

  • Broden

    Ultimate training hoodie. Would wear everywhere.

  • Broden

    Me. You. My friend. Yours. An ounce of shrooms and these hoodies in a dark field at night with a full moon and the occasional cow in the distance. Our lightsabers are as sturdy as possible to withstand an entire night of hacking and cleaving and epic battles with one another. And we'll all have mp3 players glued to our ears playing Star Wars theme music.

    You'll cry as Yodas Theme plays in the moonlight, your mushroom trip climaxing. You'll fight as you've never fought before as Duels of the Fates trumpets in. You in?

  • Asperflux

    Long last the Robots!
    R2D2 FTW

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