BBC's United Nations Security Council/HALO Mixup

May 29, 2012


Everybody have a good holiday weekend? I hope so. I'm gonna be honest -- I half missed you yesterday. It was the masochistic half. This is a video from the BBC of a story discussing Syria and the United Nations Security Council, but they accidentally use the logo for the United Nations Space Command from HALO instead. Obviously, somebody just image searched 'UNSC' and went with the first logo that showed up. *Googles 'UNSC' out of curiosity* There it is -- picture number five! Wow, you'd think all the spaceships surrounding it might have given it away.

Hit the jump for the brief video.

Thanks to woooka, who's convinced it was somebody in the BBC video production department's last day and they did NOT CARE.

  • Fred Haro

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  • James Zachary Swartz

    He is right, all we do in the newsroom is google images and hope they aren't copyrighted and if they are, we just hope they don't sue for something that small.

  • karrots

    saw the real logo of UNSC (security council) and i have to say the space command logo is waayy cooler and more bad-ass than the security council logo. :) the security council looks like a pansy

  • Guest

    That is hilarious, it did indeed come up as #5 -- references should be double checked. XD

  • Dear BBC,
    Why do I bother paying my licence fee? Pay for some less lazy researchers! Damn!
    Yours atheistgirl.

  • borgqueenx

    i thought you guys were dead waiing so long until a new news post :P

  • rikster81

    YES!!!! Master Chief is going to take down terrorists!

  • This pleases me.

  • budfueledrocket

    thank you GW<3

  • I love this.

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