Art Or Something: Full-Size Lady Mannequin Nutcrackers

May 22, 2012


This is an art exhibit (appropriately titled 'Nutcrackers') by Jennifer Rubell featuring 18 life-sized female mannequins modded to crack nuts between their thighs and a one-ton vat of pecans. It's supposed to carry a message. "Like a carrier pigeon?" EXACTLY like a carrier pigeon you f***ing crazy person.

Inspired by nutcrackers depicting female figures - and in particular one found on the internet of Hillary Clinton - these interactive sculptures embody the two polar stereotypes of female power: the idealized, sexualized nude female form; and the too-powerful, nut-busting überwoman. The work also serves as a prompt to action, encouraging the viewer to transgress the traditional viewer-artwork boundary and complete the work by participating in it.

Oh OF COURSE, the two polar stereotypes of female power -- that's what I got from this too. "Really?" Nope, just an awkward boner and a note to myself that reads, "Investigate current level of lovedoll technology. P.S. -- Not at the library."

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a worthwhile 10-second video of an older man retrieving his nut fragments from the loins of a mannequin.





Thanks to beebs, who doesn't crack nuts, she kicks them until they're caught in your throat.

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