Alduin's Wall From Skyrim Installed In Bethesda's Office

May 23, 2012


Seen here clearly not appreciating the sanctity of the piece, two Bethesda employees gab over herbal tea in front of a life-size reproduction of Alduin's Wall from Skyrim. My mancave: its walls have never felt so barren. Kidding, I live in an apartment the size of a shoebox, there's no room for a mancave. Or a closet, which is why I have to keep all my clean clothes in the back of my car. It makes for a pretty awkward getting ready in the morning. "There goes the nutjob from 304, walking to his car in a towel again" my neighbor says. I always talk back at him. I can hear you when your window's open, you know. Besides, I'm not crazy, I'm organized. AND PICK UP YOUR DOG'S SHIT, MAN-TITS.

Hit the jump for a bunch of shots of the installation process and final result.







Thanks to Ken, who agrees the best walls are windows unless you're in the bathroom, then the best walls are soundproof ones so your lover can't hear you go #2.

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