A 7-Foot, Fire-Breathing, Jet Engine R/C Flying Dragon

May 2, 2012


This is Rick Hamel's 'Mythical Beast', a seven-foot R/C dragon (with a nine-foot wingspan) powered by a turbine engine that even breaths fire. Man, you wanna know the worst thing is about breathing fire while you're flying? The risk of melting your face off. Because one time I tried to spit while I was running and hit myself in the eye. Then I got pink eye and got to stay home from school for a week and watch the shit out of The Price is Right. It might have been the best thing that ever happened to me. OR WILL EVER HAPPEN. Just saying, you ever laid in the bath holding a toaster over your head hoping your life will flash before your eyes? No? Me neither then, that would be weird.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots, a video of the dragon in flight, and one of its fire breathing abilities, and an interview with Rick about the thing.



Thanks to Terry, who tried to tell me he was a more pro dino-lover than I am BECAUSE HE BOUGHT ONE F***ING CANADIAN DINO COIN. Get real bro! I have like a whole roll of those things in my ass.

  • judith

    Children are really excited to play these thingsIt is an interesting post and nice collection of pictures.Now children are more
    interesting in flying but that would be great to terrify small children.So you bought
    simple rc toysr
    for your kids instead of this.

  • I would like to tell you that the picture and video given of R/C Flying Dragon over here are very cool and interesting to see. In fact I have never seen it before, thanks for sharing mate.

  • Imagine going back in time and flying one of these on the middle age...

  • id like to see the head move by remote not his hand, not sayin it cant but would of been nice

  • Fart_Barfunkle

    Technically, that's a wyvern, but I guess after George R.R. Martin decided to play loose and fast with the term "Dragon", I shouldn't be surprised that the mainstream media would confuse the two. 


  • $19154271

    Technically, you're a douche, wyverns are "wing-footed dragons" --wiki

  • hagelt18

    Fuck this shit.  Wyvern's are basically dragons with two or less feet.

  • halrappaport1

    I'd want to build a full sized Jet with that shape...only in secret.  Fly it around and be the cause of calls for dragon sightings.

  • That would be great to terrify small children.

  • $18922249

    Yeah... if the children are retarded.

    Edit: Also, your blog is brilliant.

  • Not 'retarded' - special.
    And thanks.

  • Brent Leasure

    i'm going to get my magic kit out as soon as i get home.  now that dragons have re-entered the world, all of my tricks should start working again.

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