You Bust Those Ghosts!: Ghostbuster Proton Pack Replica

April 17, 2012


This is an $850 Ghostbuster Proton Pack replica from Viking Props (which, despite the name, sells zero horned helmets or Thor hammers). It's pretty accurate, and even has some light up effects. Even more light effects and some sound ones are available too, but at an extra cost. So yeah, you might be better off building your own out of parts salvaged from a neighbor's garage. And by salvaged I obviously mean stolen. Just don't touch his pin-up calendar.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a short video of the gun's light effects.



Viking Props' Etsy Store
Ghostbusters Proton Backpack Replica [dudeiwantthat]

Thanks to Lackey, who busts ghosts the old fashioned way: red-handed trying to steal chains from the hardware store.

  • xiomara

    He is a fraud. I bought one from him in February 2014 it's now December 2015 and never received my package. I contacted ETSY and he is banned from there. He e-mailed me and said he is going to sell on so beware. I payed over $1,000. I was going to give it as a gift, but it has been over a year and it is just frustrating. He keeps saying that parts aren't in and he still working on it (excuses). DO NOT BUY FROM HIM!. His name is William Olsen and his e-mail is

  • Ryan375

    This thing is a piece of s**t, its not accurate and the seller is a moron. DO NOT BUY IT. If you've looke around I know what your thinking, its cheaper than anyone else. Theres a reason for that. I purchased one and instantly regretted it when I opened the box...4 months later. You've been warned!!

  • James Stark

    Would you sell it to me then? happy to offer fair price.

  • It's a good job and I personally appreciate this kind of art&craft effort but I hope for a licensed, industrial version in order to cut off too much speculation all over the world. It's insane that, for a simple Halloween event, people should pay something that is used for cinema industry without any professional supervisor's hand and brain. I can bet that in the cinema industry they tend to make a sane economy in order to stay in the budget...probably with 2000,00 bucks they can build an Iron Man suit with lights (no sounds required, obviously). No offense guys but at this prize is impossible, c'mon! Americans should have the biggest advantage because of the oil...where the heck plastic came from, otherwise?!? Looks like everybody are turning into a small Steve Jobs wannabe. I'm European, no offense but...I'm not born yesterday! :D

  • Some.guy

    Mediocre even for the price. Heard the seller is willing to add things like blinking lights (for an additional $300, when many kits are out there for $150 and under...) and lights/sound effects for $650 (when there are many sound modules out there for $100 and under).

    Do the math.

  • Luis

    gotta agree with Dan.. If this is what the guy does for a living then it is what it is.. Can't expect someone to sell a product making minimal profit when they're only stocking a few at a time none the less hand make em. This product is only going to be purchased far in between from geeks ND collectors, not the masses, so the pricing makes sense. You're paying for artwork.

  • So the person who's making it should work for free? He should install everything and deliver it to you completely function for the price he paid to get the lights? This is pretty damn ignorant.

  • Some.guy

    How is it ignorant to call someone out on extreme price gouging? You seem to enjoy shoving words down peoples' throats. Maybe you should take another 3 months to calm down and compose another reply.

  • stevezaragoza

    I own one of Viking Prop's proton packs and I can vouch for it's authenticity. I'm a huge/obsessed Ghostbusters fan and this is one of the best replica packs I've ever laid my eyes on and I've seen the REAL DEAL on display and have taken many photos of the actual proton packs. There's more replicas out there if you look, but I did my research and am fully satisfied with this pack. Even won me more than one Halloween costume contest, (if you're worried about the cost) it paid for itself!

  • Ayame Nelson

    A decent replica, but for the price, peh. How can you forget to include the ribbon cable? It also appears that the neutrona wand is missing some detailing and...well actually it seems to be missing a lot of detail work...every time I look at it I find something else missing.

  • A bit expensive but neat. I had one made from a cardboard box, when I was a kid.

  • Ninja_Cricket

    850 dollars and they didn't even include the ribbon cable? Pretty poor replica for that price.

  • odog

     Not even close to accurate!, so fail....

    fake clippards, inaccurate ion arm, fake legris, inaccurate lights, and buttons.

    It does have a nice paintjob.

  • rikster81

    OMG!!! WHO, I said Who!! Do I have to kill for this!!

  • Joshua Brett Adams

    This looks some shoddy work for $850 bucks.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Lemme tell ya somethin'; BUSTIN' MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!!!

  • Guest

    Thank you GW, the Ghost Buster's theme song just snuck right up on me

    This is a pretty impressive replica. Hours of creative work is well worth it. :D

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