WTF Did I Just Watch?: PAC-MAN Fan Film

April 9, 2012


This is a six-minutePAC-MAN movie called PAC-MAN The Movie. Despite how much thought went into the name, it's actually not bad, clever, and the production value was reasonably high. If you've got six minutes to kill, give it a go. If you've only got three minutes to kill, just watch the last three minutes. But if you have a zombie to kill, wait for me -- I built a flamethrower.

Hit the jump for more ghost-gobbling action than you could shake a joystick at.

Fan Made Pac-Man Movie Trailer of the Day []

Thanks to Mark, who made a really badass Donkey Kong fan film but only kept a single copy on a single computer and that computer ate shit and died. Now you have nothing!

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