Ultra-Real Holographic Tupac Performed At Coachella

April 16, 2012


Note: Song contains a healthy portion of dirty words.

This is a video of a VERY impressive holographic Tupac (move over Jem!) performing at the Coachella music festival over the weekend. Not gonna lie, he looks pretty real. Almost TOO real. "You're suggesting it's really him aren't you?" It has to be!

Hit the jump for the man, I need to work out.


Thanks to Evil Ares, HOLYSHITEWTF (ahhahahahhah!), Will and jamie, who agree they should bring back Elvis like this so I can learn those moves he does with his hips.

  • No one can beat 2pac in the rap game, I can smell a hologram tour coming up this year but if it will be rock and roll , I want Richie Valens in a hologram. The Mexican Elvis but died like 2 years before his career was over. If you don't know who he is, you tube him, amazing.

  • phillip reyes

    The future of porn!

  • Call me when they decide to do Dethklok like this.

  • Azariel_z

    why is this news worth??

  • Girgear

    Forget Elvis, bring Freddy Mercury back!

  • "Help me Snoop Dog, you're my only motherf#%&ing hope!"

  • artilleryboy

    Seems legit

  • da1nonlysage

    Are you guys serious? 2Pac only wants us to believe it's a hologram! Slick bastard, I'm on to you!!

  • JimmyThr

    Then some guy shoots the hologram

  • Isn't he supposed to have an H on his forehead though?

  • Raph Bingham

    Dat reference

  • enigmaDAEDAL

    This is just tasteless.

  • Okay, this is where the nerd chimes in to point out that this is not a hologram. Just a projection.

  • Bob Thayer

     Pepper's Ghost effect.

  • Eric Stodolnik

    so fucking awesome!
    im glad im in the future.

  • XzylaCorp Computer Repair

    Holy Mary mother of Jesus. My blood is boiling. i would pay to see this hologram in concert!

  • Lee

    like Coachella?

  • Ummm.. Holy Sh*t I want this in video games...stat

  • flyingmonkey456

     What? 2D projections with poorly synced animations?

    This is really bad taste. If you're going to bring the guy back from the dead without even asking him first, at least make sure his feet aren't sliding all over the floor...


    STFU And Just Watch The Damn Thing

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