Wii Need This: Impressive N-64 Logo Coffee Table

April 12, 2012


This is the second N-64 coffee table built by Keenan Bosworth, this time for a friend. Keenan's friends must be better than mine because I would NEVER spend that much time or effort on a present for someone that doesn't involve an elaborate hoax to make them think they're dying. Keenan plans on developing an Instructable as he builds his next one, so plan on me forgetting about that and never mentioning this again. Now, to the real meat of the story: who's foot is that in the picture? Also, is that the photographer's face in the glass reflection? A friend's? The friend who RECEIVED the table? I need to know these things! "No, you need to get a damn life." Sooooooooo... "So call me again at 3AM to talk window treatments and I'll kill you." But these vertical blinds have got to go!

Hit the jump for a couple in-process shots and a link to reddit with a bunch more. Who needs an Instructable anyways? Just follow the pictures.





Wish I had posted this earlier but, here is the second N64 Coffee Table that I built for a friends birthday [reddit] (with a ton more pics)
Awesome Nintendo 64 Coffee Table [geeksaresexy]

Thanks to carey, who wants an N-64 coffee table made of gold because that would make it worth a lot. Then you could sell it and not have to work.

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