What Could Go Wrong?: Skis For Wheelchairs & Strollers

April 25, 2012


Parenting: you two suck pretty hard at it.

Wheelblades are $248 skis for wheelchairs and strollers designed to make them easily pushable in the snow. Why you'd even want to go out in the snow if you were in a wheelchair or stroller is beyond me, but my guess is it wasn't your choice. 'No it's cool, I'll stay in here by the fire', I imagine a wheelchair-bound Geekologie Writer saying. But do I get to? Nooooooo, some a-hole is gonna go push me around in the cold to "experience the season" and "get some fresh air". Listen: I'm cool with ANY air. As long as it doesn't have a fart in it, I'll be fine. If it does have a fart in it, I'll be gagging and yelling "I'LL F***ING KILL YOU -- WHAT KIND OF SICK HUMAN BEING CROPDUSTS A MAN IN A WHEELCHAIR?!" *rereading post* Oh yeah, solid as a rock!

Hit the jump for several more shots.




Thanks to I Still Rollerblade, who apparently doesn't know when to quit. Kidding -- I still do too!

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