What Could Go Wrong?: Skis For Wheelchairs & Strollers

April 25, 2012


Parenting: you two suck pretty hard at it.

Wheelblades are $248 skis for wheelchairs and strollers designed to make them easily pushable in the snow. Why you'd even want to go out in the snow if you were in a wheelchair or stroller is beyond me, but my guess is it wasn't your choice. 'No it's cool, I'll stay in here by the fire', I imagine a wheelchair-bound Geekologie Writer saying. But do I get to? Nooooooo, some a-hole is gonna go push me around in the cold to "experience the season" and "get some fresh air". Listen: I'm cool with ANY air. As long as it doesn't have a fart in it, I'll be fine. If it does have a fart in it, I'll be gagging and yelling "I'LL F***ING KILL YOU -- WHAT KIND OF SICK HUMAN BEING CROPDUSTS A MAN IN A WHEELCHAIR?!" *rereading post* Oh yeah, solid as a rock!

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Thanks to I Still Rollerblade, who apparently doesn't know when to quit. Kidding -- I still do too!

  • Carrie Grover Parent

    Again, another fine group of fools. If you have ever lived somewhere that actually gets a fair amount of snow, then you might think to use these just to get around if the sidewalks haven't been plowed or if you were going for a walk or something. I found this because I was looking for wheel blades for my stroller for when I walk my son to and from school with his younger sibling, here in snowy Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA. No, you all jump to the most outrageous conclusions. Way to use your brains folks!

  • Thanks for this adventurous article.

  • he is probably already paralyzed so whats the worst that could happen

  • karasuKumo

    Not sure if the girl in the first pic is wearing sunglasses, or has monstrous eyebrows.

  • artilleryboy

    Why would you be taking your kids out in the snow in a stroller/pram anyway. 

  • Who the frick takes their kid up a mountain!? Plus, GW, if you did reread your post you still managed to put image instead of imagine.

  • Exhibit (A) on child custody lawsuit.

  • I recommend on Google + his friends read this article. Thank you. 

  • Geigh

    Wow, only $248 to have your kids taken away from you?! My prayers are answered!

  • $18922249

    Man... I just chuckled thinking about all of the possibilities. 

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