Visions Of Space As Imagined And Painted By Children

April 9, 2012


This is a gallery of winners from the 2012 Space Foundation Student Art Contest in which pre-kindergarten through high school students in the US, Turkey and Pakistan were encouraged to paint or draw outer space with the theme 'Space is Infinite - Explore'. Obviously, the younger children did the best work because their brains haven't been spoiled yet by real life. Trust me-- there's no better cure for creativity than growing up. And that's why I'll always be five. "I thought you did it to order off the kid's menu." It's the only way to get a PB&J!

Hit the jump for a worthwhile glimpse of space through the eyes (and unsteady hand) of the world's youth. My favorites are at the end.













2012 Space Foundation Student Art Contest Winners [spacefoundation]
What Space Looks Like to Kids [wired]

Thanks to plato, who paints outer space the classical way: with a chunky nude lounging in the middle.

  • excellent work, I am sure there has to have been some help from parents with this project

  • what a lovely set of paintings

  • Justice Law

    Get these children scholarships, STAT!!!!!

  • It's really such a nice painting, now child is more active in other field. They are doing always some thing new activity and creative mind. 

  • Carl Sagan would be proud. :')

  • Don't let go of that jukebox Stephen Colbert! That guy will kill you just like that lady!

  • Made me go back to look, then I laughed.

    You are correct. :)

  • Lee

    No Big Blue Box?

  • artilleryboy

    The 8th picture reminds me of Cerberus 

  • Do you think most of those kids got help from their parents?

  • rikster81

    green robot walking a 3 eyed dog FTW!!!!!

  • BeastmanAIDS

     3 eyes and six dicks.

  • Guest

     Best picture of the bunch.

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