Video Of Tornado Throwing Around Some 18-Wheelers

April 4, 2012


This is a video of one of yesterday's Texan tornadoes throwing some 18-wheeler cargo containers around at a truck depot in Dallas. The action starts a little after 1:00, so feel free to skip there for the truck-tossing, it's pretty nuts. *shaking fist at the heavens* CALM DOWN, GOD -- WE'RE TRYING TO GET OUR SHIT TOGETHER.

Hit the jump for the video (skip to 1:00) and another one from Youtube that isn't as good in case the first video player doesn't work and you don't wanna feel left out.

Video shows tornado tossing trucks into the air like footballs [dvice]

Thanks to Marim and couch_warmer, who've tried riding tornadoes to Oz with less than impressive results (they both woke up just one town over).

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