Video Demo Of Google's Augmented Reality Glasses

April 4, 2012


This is a conceptual video demo of Google's augmented reality glasses ('Project Glass'), which they hope to begin testing in the coming months. Think of them as like a see-through smart phone taped to your eyeball. You know, or augmented reality glasses if you're good at wrapping your head around concepts. Me? I'm only good at wrapping one thing around things. "Your penis?" No pervert, NOT my penis -- my arms, I was talking about my arms. It's true, I'm a hugger! Now get over here ya big lug.

Hit the jump for a vision of the future.

Google's Project Glass Project Page
Google testing heads-up display glasses in public, won't make you look like Robocop [engadget]

Thanks to Oliver From Canada, Mark, jasper, Kathleen, Ruby and amogl, who agree reality is already waaaaaay too intense for them to go augmenting it with even more stuff.

  • Claudio Vyper

    gth with the glasses, go here !!!

  • No "my vision is augmented" jokes, yet ? What a shame ...

  • Mighty Molecule

    thoughts of the AT&T "you will" ads come to mind looking at promo shots of this

  • Guest

    *downloads Godzilla app for city view*

  • Really?  Really, guys?  We really want to have people SO wired into tech that they literally can't go 1 second without having some shit pop up in their field of view?  REally, we're not satisfied with the current accident rate attributed to cellphones and texting - we're going to add this now?  

    I'm not normally a fan of big government, but this kind of shit needs to be stopped now!

  • AyyMilli

    is noone going to mention how this is one big step towards being the fat fucks in wall-e

  • austin allen

    its about time they made a working scouter. 

  • thatcando

    1: more information about dogs you meet on the street!!!
    2: ask your glasses how to pronounce words like "monsieur

  • Wow - with all the recent talks about how cell phones possibly cause brain cancer, I can't wait to see what this thing will do to everyone. Not to mention it being a huge distraction:
    "Sorry bro, I realize we agreed to hang out right now, but i keep getting these texts from my ex, and the msg bubbles don't disappear until you answer them, so...i can't even really see you until i respond to them.
    "Oh what, take off the glasses...? No, sorry, I get separation anxiety when i take em off."

  • Will Gowdy

    I expected an ad for Alpo when he looked at the dog.

  • ispitzhotfire

    Didn't I see this on Futurama??

  • JJtoob

    I still liked Dennō Coil's augmented reality better.

  • shit, now we have to use google+? also that looks like it is going to be fuckin expensive 

  •  Freaking fantastic !! I'm pretty sure they will make a feature that this device cant be used in a car if u were stupid enough to do that in the first place jeeeeeeeze people..So awesome now how do I have sex with it?


  • Justin O'Donnell

    Now you can watch porn in church!

  • JJtoob

    Still can't fap in church though. At least not in the middle of the service at the main temple with everyone around.

  • Azariel_z

    Priests do it all the time under that robe..

  • Atom Kahn

    Priests dont fap....they fondle.

  • Mandy86

    I stopped watching when he asked the glasses where the music section is, instead of looking around the 8x8 foot store. This can't be for real ..? 

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