VERY Impressive Real-Life (Human) Disney Princesses

April 5, 2012


This is a small series of photographs by Ryan Astemendi of Disney Princesses in real life. As amazing and accurate as they all are, I couldn't help but notice there was something missing. "Ariel?" Bingo.

Hit the jump for four more and a bonus Jessica Rabbit BECAUSE WHY THE F*** NOT?






Ryan Astamendi Photography
Real Life Disney Princesses [bforbel]

Thanks to britbrit, who puts all the Disney princesses to shame INCLUDING Ariel. Bold, I know, but I stand beside it.

  • Jess Majeran

    Jessica Rabbit (Last image) isn't Ariel... And definitely not a Disney Princess.

  • lupita2568

    and ther princes is soo nice I like lopng her becuase I haf long herr

  • lupita2568

    this is nice pikcer

  • someone needs to get a still shot of merida and put it on here

  • Fercho Salinas

    What about Esmeralda (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame)?

  • Rapunzel has man like hands!

  • Of course they would leave oput Princess Tiani from Disney's: The Princess and the Frog. Wht because she's African American of course.

  • Marcus Como

    There's more white ones missing than black, so eat a dick. Overplayed race card denied.

  • Nice. Imagine if disney used those instead of cartoons ... be a compeltely different film...

  • MarcoPolo

    I don't feel that the faces of Snow White or Belle really match the movies.  But Jasmine, Rapunzul and Pocahontas are spot-on.
    (Speaking of.. Pocahontas - that face - WOW.  Gorgeous.)

  • patrot pat


  • kevinbaconia

    The Jessica Rabbit's boobies are off.. you should only be seeing the left one because of the way she's turned. She's my favorite but that really bothers me :C 

  • Jessica looks like Scarlett Johansson and Jasmine could have been Kim K. Glad it wasn't.

  • I would poke that hontas any time...

  • ladyetain

    Pocahontas is so Filipino.

  • You would fuck her at all cost

  • Sam

    Yo bella, let me be your beast?

    I'm so smooth.

  • artilleryboy


  • weaselmouse

    Hello Jasmine butt.

  • Dylan Gelinas

    Why does anyone find this impressive? I can go to Disneyland any day of the year and see this.

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