Two Sickos Rig Hiking Trail With Medieval Booby Traps

April 24, 2012


Mid-upper right: swinging spiked ball of death.

Benjamin Steven Rutkowski, 19, and Kai Matthew Christensen, 21, of Utah rigged a little fort alongside a popular hiking trail with medieval booby traps. Why? No clue, but probably to protect the stash of nudie mags they had hidden there. GOD, BURY THEM IN A COFFEE CAN LIKE NORMAL PERVERTS.

On April 16, 2012, U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer James Schoeffler was on foot patrol in this area when he came across one of these shelters. This particular shelter is known locally as "The Fort". Because of his time in the military Officer Schoeffler has extensive experience with identifying booby trap devices. As he investigated the shelter he noticed what appeared to be a trip wire near the ground at an entrance. Upon further investigation he discovered that the trip wire led to a booby trap device which was made with a large rock, sticks sharpened at both ends, and was held together with rope. This device was situated in such a way that when contact was made with the trip wire it would swing toward an unsuspecting hiker or camper. It was hung where it would most likely swing to and hit the head or face of the hiker or camper. In a second entrance to the shelter Officer Schoeffler found a second trip wire. This wire was configured so as to trip a person, possibly causing them to fall forward onto sharpened sticks placed in the ground.

That's all around pretty f***ed up. Now I'm not saying Game of Thrones is to blame here, but it's either that or Robin Hood. "Go with Robin Hood -- Game of Thrones is still on and too good to risk cancellation." Ha, I was thinking the exact same thing. *writing Congress person*

Hit the jump for some closeups of the WTFery, as well as the idiots' mugshots.




Thanks to Gary G. who agrees that little kid from Home Alone has gone TOO FAR this time.

  • Such kind of people should be hanged till death.

  • The 2nd guy has quite the future serial killer smirk going on there

  • Anonyknows

    They better be glad campers, hikers or some girl/cub scout group didn't come upon it.  Most adults would be a little cautious (like the Forestry service worker) but kids would think it was cool and died and instead of us calling these two stupid douches they'd be hunted down and killed as serial killers.   What idiots. They honestly deserve some jail time and in-patient psychiatric help.

  • Everything_You_Love_is_Stupid

    His ears look like saggy vaginas.

  • karasuKumo

    It's like a hardcore mode for the hikers, stick Ray Mears in there and I'll be interested.

  • Bill Johnson

    Hopefully the two will lean there lessen in jail, as well as a new meaning of being impelled...

  • Berntivar

    The neanderthals did survive afterall.

  • artilleryboy

    What pricks

  • Keith Gibbons

    I never use this word in this context, but, I believe this situation is deserving: FAIL

  • I blame skyrim. It should be banned.

  • Michael Knight

    Due to Officer Schoeffler's military training? looks pretty obvious to me. "Gee, what's that highly visible rope with the spiked rock at the end of it for?' *THUD* Darwin wins!

    i am an expert at boobies too.

  • Ajax151

    Because the traps pictured here are the only ones that were found? You sound like someone who actually deserves a spiked rock to the face. 

  • You know, birth control would have been pivotal here...

  • Synthstatic

    This is Utah.

  • Man...a boulder and sharp sticks to the face is the worst way to end a good run

  • rikster81

    that looks like a mean pinata!

  • osteenq

     The one on the right has a Eugene Tooms thing going on.

  • megaluis15

    oooh piece of candy...

  • RareAwesomeman

     man i hope that's him under there cause if its me again im going to be pissed

  • You've got to be pretty sick to do something like that with the intentions of hurting an innocent person.

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