Trippy Video Of Water Stream 'Frozen' In Midair

April 12, 2012


This is a short video of water droplets that appear frozen in midair. But they're not, it's just an optical illusion. Or so they'd like you to believe. The long explanation:

You're actually seeing 25 different drops [or segments of the stream] every second... the waveform being played through the speaker is vibrating the pipe in a uniform way, so the drops exit the pipe uniformly, the frame rate of the camera is synced with the speaker so the drops appear static, [and] the short shutter speed means the drops appear sharp and frozen in mid air [a longer shutter speed, in contrast, would capture more of each droplet's movement, causing it to appear blurry].

The short explanation? Somebody found an old book of spells at the library. Ooh ooh -- see if there's anything in there about genital warts! "Giving them or treating them?" *itching* Both.

Hit the jump for the video which may or may yes include audio of water dripping that may have made me piss my pants. BUT ONLY A LITTLE.

How to Suspend Liquid Water in Midair [io9]

Thanks to Marion, who just likes to lie in the shower with the water as hot as he can stand it until he gets all pruney. Just kidding, that's me. Marion rarely even showers.

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