Three Naked Canadians Ride Shopping Cart Through High Pressure Car Wash, Wake Neighbors With 'Howls Of Pain'

April 5, 2012


Note: Picture unrelated/confusing.

Three drunk Canadians, hellbent on freshening up the new-fashioned way, decided to strip down, pack their naked asses into a shopping cart together, then ride through a high-pressure car wash. Canadians: they really get male-bonding.

The Vancouver Sun reported Wednesday that the trio selected the wash setting of either "typhoon" or "super typhoon" and rolled themselves into the car wash. Police in the suburb of Abbotsford were alerted when neighbors heard loud screams of pain coming from the car wash.

The trio were warned and sent home.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA -- YOU OPTED FOR THE 'SUPER TYPHOON' SETTING?! That shit's strong enough to blast your f***ing peenor off! I've never been through a car wash on anything higher than 'monsoon' before. Well, not naked with two other dudes anyway. Isn't that right, Derek? Just me and you, buddy -- BFF's!

3 men take naked trip through car wash in shopping cart -- howls of pain alert neighbors [q13fox]

Thanks to Evil Ares, who only opts for the occasional nude detailing.

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