This Is Why You're Fat: Pizza Hut's Hotdog-Stuffed Crust

April 9, 2012


Because people are living too long and the queue at the pearly gates is too short, Pizza Hut has introduced a new pizza crust stuffed with hotdogs. Unfortunately, it's currently only available at Pizza Huts in the UK, probably in a bid to plump up Europeans to US proportions. Did I mention the crust comes with a FREE mustard drizzle? Because it does. That's like a two-cent value FOR FREE. No word on what an extra drizzle will cost you, but my guess is diarrhea. One time when I was driving I ate a 7-11 hotdog so fast and without drinking anything that it got stuck in my throat and I had to puke out the window so I wouldn't choke to death. Just kidding, that was an egg-salad sandwich. Somebody honked at me!

Hot dog stuffed-crust pizza: Has junk food jumped the shark? [msnbc]

Thanks to ray, who agrees a pizza-stuffed hotdog would be even better due to its portability. OMG -- I'd stuff my pockets with them!

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