This Is Why Your Heart Stopped: 1,050 Bacon Slice Burger

April 19, 2012


Burger King in Japan is currently running a promotion where you can add 15 strips of bacon to a burger for an extra ¥100 (~$1.25). So what did some reporter do? Went ALL IN and ordered 1,050 extra slices, creating this $90 monstrosity. In related news, I assume you could get a pretty sweet deal on a white iPhone somebody's selling for a recently deceased friend.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video of the tower of deadly deliciousness.



Thanks to EATSALLTHEBACON, livia and Tom, who like places that have the little fixings bars so you can top off your burger just the way you like it. SAME. You can't trust a kid in a paper hat to do it right!

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