They're No Beer Goggles: Bottle Opening Sunglasses

April 24, 2012


These are the Brewsees 12'Oz'ers, a $30 pair of aluminum sunglasses with bottle-opening earpieces. Sure they're not the coolest looking sunglasses, but you're not exactly the coolest looking guy either. Besides, they open beer bottles. Me? I can open a beer bottle with anything. Seriously -- give me anything. "Here's a toothpick." Watch and be amazed! *bites top off with teeth* "But you didn't use the toothpick." Because I didn't f***ing have to. *swallows bottle cap* "You're gonna regret that later." I'M TEACHING MY BUTTHOLE A LESSON.

Hit the jump for a couple more product shots.



Thanks to Patrick, who doesn't wear sunglasses because he wears a motorcycle helmet with the visor down all the time. You -- you are cool.

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