The Pie Is A Lie: Impressive GlaDOS Cosplay

April 9, 2012


Like how I said pie instead of cake? I bet that really bothered you. But you know what? I don't care. I'm tired of worrying about other people's feelings. From now until the end of the world in eight months it's gonna be all about ME. You think I won't answer a phone call in the middle of a movie theater? I'll f***ing do it. This is cosplayer Brittany in her GlaDOS costume as captured by photographer/tipster SenenCito. They were taken in some underground tunnels, which seems appropriate for a Portal themed shoot. For a Skyrim shoot? I don't think that would work. And speaking of not working -- *pushes monitor off desk* I can't do anything until I get a new screen.

Hit the jump for a couple more.




GLaDOS Cosplay [senecito]
Model's Website

Thanks to Senén, the man behind the lens, who apparently managed to escape the Aperture Science Enrichment Center unscathed. Me? I'd die in the first test chamber. Second one, tops.

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