The Only 'Officially Recognized' Akira Bike Replica

April 6, 2012


This is a replica of Shotaro Kaneda's bike from Akira, built by Masashi Teshima over the past seven years for a cost of around $120K. It's the only replica with the official blessing of Akira's creator Katsuhiro Otomo, and now Teshima is riding the bike across Japan to raise money for children's autism. Afterwards, the bike will be on display at an exhibit celebrating Akira's creator, where it will be raising money for victims of last year's earthquake/tsunami. And after THAT, it will be purchased by yours truly and ridden up and down the street while wearing a Godzilla mask and yelling at my neighbors about the dangers of nuclear proliferation. They will call the police. There will be a chase, and I will crash into a mailbox trying to jump a curb. I will be tazed and, God willing, not evacuate my bowels this time. You can't make friends in the clink with soupy drawls!

Hit the jump for several more shots and some videos of the bike going vroom vroom.




The Akira Bike of Your Dreams Is Racing Across Japan [kotaku]

Thanks to Chance and Community Chest (sorry I couldn't help myself!) and Manuel78, who both want a replica of the bike from Peewee's Big Adventure.

  • SellingYolk

    ngl it looks lame, boring, childish and too clean. not nearly as cool as the one in the movie, im so disappointed and sad. welp, at least its raising money and it was built so thats cool.

  • Brutuss100

    No reverse and it doesn't "open up" (hinged in the center) to get on/off like the bike from the movie (not to mention the power). Even my trike has reverse, so all of these design features are possible. If you're gonna spend $120K building it, be accurate and don't just build a cool plastic body on a motor scooter.

  • OniRaptor

    It's so small. It needs to be at least 30% larger to be the same bike in the movie, unless Kaneda was under 4 feet tall. As for the price are you certain that isn't in yen instead of dollars?

  • Hosie

    Can I get this with a 600cc please :D

  • Ron

    listen everyone is jealous because they cant get it in a store and I bet they dont have the skill set to build one of there own! But I do I love the bike . Nice job

  • Guest

    Far too clean and big and bubbly looking. Decals are far too big as well.

  • sorry rednecks.. no loud can not tell the the CC of an engine from the exhaust pipe sound..

  • JD Morris

    Actually, being a trained motorcycle technician with 20 years of experience, I can tell you that it is a small engine. I'd guess somewhere between a 80 or 125 single cylinder. It would be very difficult to fit anything bigger without increasing the size of the bike too much and making the rider look like a little kid on a goldwing

  • Mighty Molecule

    fairly certain the rider's orientation is wrong, but whatever. with otomo's vision slowly but surely leaking out towards mainstream western reiteration where the big bucks reside what does he care.

  • The original is just too badass to copy. Nice try. 

  • Tarl Cabot

    If you listen to the engine in this you will hear that it is a scooter engine. Low VERY low CC, an automatic and very shitty.
    5 years and 150k and this was the result? How weak. I men yeah it LOOKS good, but what a POS under the flash.
    For 150k I'd go to Jesse james  or one of the other big names and ask for it to be done right.

  • Agree. It can't even seem to go faster than 10MPH.

  • Shaun9lives

    Geat replica, but, like many things in anime and video games, that riding position just doesn't look nearly as cool in real life.  

  • DarkRyNo

    So is that guy a cousin of the Stig? (tame racing driver from Top Gear, for those who dont know)

  • Emmitt Morgans

    At least it's not Keanu...


    shit looks weak, and very unimpressive..  it was boring.

  • chris27scot

     as cool as it is...its like a miniture version...

  • Ive wanted for years to either paint my bike like Kaneda's bike or like a Cyclone from Robotech. Man I have dreams about a bike like this but I think its only a 250cc or something along those lines, very small output engine and I would want something a bit bigger, at least a 600cc or 1000cc engine. Also the bike looks kinda tiny but damn its sexy as fuck. 

  • Jack the lad

    The problem with a 1000cc engine is that it's steering wouldn't be able to keep up... You'd have to drop probably twice that for a real bike and even then you'd probably only be able to make it 600cc.

  • Nothing screams virginity more than this.

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