The Most Impressive Rainbow Pegacorn Cake You've Seen

April 3, 2012


This is the most impressive rainbow pegacorn cake you've ever seen. No arguing, it just is. And if you think it isn't that's only because you're remembering the other one you've seen all wrong. That wasn't even a pegacorn, it was a My Little Pony and it was just a toy on top of a sheet cake with its hooves buried in the icing. You hear that? Those are elephants laughing at your feeble memory. Okay now they're making fun of your nose. This is the "Rainbow Pega-Corn Mama & Baby" cake made by Heather Sherman of Art 2 Eat for her daughter's 7th birthday.

Our Darling Daughter just turned 7, and she always is one of my most challenging clients. This year was no different - she requested a "Rainbow Unicorn pegasus with a mama and a baby". !!!!. The head and legs are krispy-treat, the wings had a wire 'bone' and are covered in gumpaste feathers. The inside was golden vanilla cake. This one was a HUGE hit at the party

Good lord, that thing almost looks too real to be able to cut with a clear conscious. "So?" So I'd recommend slicing the head off with a ninja sword while looking the other way. "And if it was real?" Throw the head in a bag and run -- you can always saw the horn off later once we rendezvous at the safe-house.

Hit the jump for shots of the thing from every angle.









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Thanks to bb, who I promised a unicorn ride to the moon AND I AM A MAN OF MY WORD. "Man?" Adolescent.

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