The Inspirational Story Of Caine's Cardboard Arcade

April 10, 2012


This is the heartwarming story of a 9-year old boy who made a whole series of arcade games out of cardboard and set them up in his dad's east L.A. used auto parts shop. The games even dispense tickets (read: he crawls in the back of the box and pushes them through a slot), which can be redeemed for prizes. It's a real feel-good story. One of hope. One of people BELIEVING in you. One that will undoubtedly be ruined by trolls.

Hit the jump for ten minutes of maybe this world isn't such a giant shithole after all. *steps in gum* I'M NUKING THIS F***ING PLANET.

Caine's Arcade Official Site
A Kid's Cardboard Arcade is the Most Beautiful Thing You'll See Today [kotaku]

Thanks to bb, who loves a good feel good story. Me? I love any story with dragons.

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