The 10 Parent Companies That Make Your Favorite Brands

April 25, 2012


Note: Full-size version HERE in case you're dying to know who makes Fruit By The Foot.

This is a pictograph depicting which of the ten big parent companies make your favorite tampons/chips/detergent/fruit snacks/dog food/candy/soda. Me? I like Alpo. Some dogs like Purina but they're also the same dogs that lick their own assholes all the time. "But if they're eating it for a second time, wouldn't that mean it's good?" You know what -- I never really thought about it like that *smacking head* BECAUSE I'M NOT A F***ING WEIRDO LIKE YOU ARE.

Thanks to 9outof10mms, who doesn't even need all 10mms to be deadly, just a headshot.

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