That's Too Much: $1,300 Limited Edition Resident Evil 6

April 12, 2012


So Capcom has announced a $1,300 special edition of Resident Evil 6 (due out October 2nd). What does your $1,300 get you? Nothing that justifies the price. You get: the game, four Resident Evil phone cases, and a replica of protagonist Leon Kennedy's leather jacket in the size of your choosing (so choose CAREFULLY -- there's nothing worse than dropping $1,300 on a leather jacket that your roommate adopts because it fits him better). Also, I assume the phone cases don't look like the ones in the picture because those look terrible. 1. I probably don't even own the phone that they fit and 2. who the f*** wants a phone case with a giant 'SAMPLE' printed across it? "Um, GW? That's just in the picture, they're not actually going to--" Just stop. You and I both know I'm not going to understand what you're trying to tell me, so why bother?

Hit the jump for a better shot of the $1,300 jacket.


Capcom Product Site (in Japanese)
Resident Evil 6's Ridiculous $1000 Collector's Edition [kotaku]

Thanks to Sean and Paladin, who agree if they're paying $1,300 for a game they better BE in the game. And only as cool characters.

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