That's No Fun!: Guy Beats Ocarina Of Time In 23-Minutes

April 16, 2012


This is a butt-ass quality video (240p, picture above not related) of a guy beating The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time in 23-minutes thanks to a recently discovered glitch. What the -- why anybody would want to make the game go by any faster is a mystery to me. Man, I want to LIVE in that game. Or in a treefort with electricity and plumbing. "Settle for the sewers?" Dammit Donatello, stop asking.

The glitch involves defeating Queen Gohma and activating, but not traveling through, the warp gate, which then drops child Link in Ganon's castle, and miniaturized missions ensue.

Listen, there are only two things Ocarina of Time related that I want to go by faster: 1. the time I wait between playing through the whole game again and 2. THAT F***ING WATER TEMPLE. You'd think after 10+ play-throughs I'd be used to it by now, but nope. I think they change it every time. "Or you're just not very good." *performing Epona's Song* Daaaw, there's my trusty steed! Now kick this a$$hole in the throat.

Hit the jump for 23-blurry minutes of WTF'ery and a link to dude's Youtube page where he answers a bunch of questions about the glitch.

Youtube (with more info on the glitch)
New Zelda: Ocarina of Time bug beats game in 23 minutes as child Link [joystiq]

Thanks to Wilmersama and Nick, who have both beat the game in under 10 minutes but don't believe in Youtube so they can't upload the proof. Convenient.

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