That's It, I'm Getting Pregnant: Kids' Superhero Raincoats

April 24, 2012


Children: they're like miniature people with limited vocabularies that still poop their pants on occasion. And now they have superhero raincoats. Obviously, I'm jealous. And not just because of the whole pant-pooping thing, but come on -- movies are long and popcorn passes right through me. This is a $50 Batman raincoat for kids (note: boots not included but still a MUST BUY). There's also a Superman version available, but that one isn't as cool and I can only recommend buying it if you have two children and love one less than the other. That one can wear Superman. "GW!" Just keepin' it real.

Hit the jump for shots for more pictures, including an action one, and the Superman coat.






Thanks to bb, who's holding out for a Rainbow Brite raincoat and I don't blame her.

  • Cymc

    Pray for rain.

  • do they hav anything in "husky" that will defend against teh showers of golden?

  • Curreh Curreh


  • Now, where do I get these in adult sizes?

  • Guest

    I now know what to get my future niece/nephew.

  • Kids have it all these days. When I was a kid there was none of this. I'm jealous.

  • Tarl Cabot

     We had Underoos. And sit and spin. And stretch armstrong. And polio. And beatings from our dads.

  • I'm British so I didn't have the first three things - or the last two either, thankfully.

  • phillip reyes

     You know your old when you start a sentence like that. lol

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